Lusters S-curl texturizer wave & curl creme Maximum strength 425g

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S-Curl works by expanding the natural curl/wave pattern already present in hair, changing hard to comb hair into soft manageable natural looking curls and waves in minutes. S-Curl makes texturized waves and curl styles for all ages!.

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Lusters S-Curl Texturizer Wave & Curl Crème Extra Strength 15oz/425g

Wash your hair using the shampoo from the kit. It is designed to produce pink bubbles if any texturizing cream remains in your hair. Continue washing your hair until the suds turn white. Then rinse with warm water until the water runs clear.

Blot your hair with a towel to remove extra water. Don’t allow your hair to dry completely.

Saturate your hair with the spray from the kit and rub it in. For a curly style, gently lift the ends of your hair with a comb or pick. For a wavy style, comb your hair into the style you want,

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