Freetress equal luxury integration invisible part synthetic wig Beauty style

800,00 kr


Care instructions

Before washing
brush out tangles starting from the bottom and work up to the weft or top

wash the wig in cool water mild shampoo and conditioner
rinse the wig in clean water by swirling it from side to side and up and down
gently stroke with clean towel then place on a wig stand or styrofoam
head to dry while maintaning the original style

Do not use hot curler at regular setting, this fibre can only be curled at
200 to 220 deg celsius. Do not use blow dryer
In case the hair becomes frizzy, use good quality sheen or wig spray to relax the frizziness.
Comb in a vertical stroke motion using large toothed comb or your fingers
Incase the wig gets tangled, use any good quality detangling or sheen spray, then comb the hair as above

HairĀ products
Good quality hair products such as hair spray, mousse,mild gel may be used
since the wigs are reusable
refrain from using heavy oils and pomade

Wig storage
when not utilised, the wigs may be kept in a hair net and a plastic bag or on
a wig stand such as a stryfoam head.

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